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PostSubject: weeeeeeeeeee   Thu Jun 18, 2009 11:26 pm

This is a BASIC and VERY simple Guide.
The BEST part is that no matter What your Upload Speed is. It takes the same time foe evryone. Why?

Important Note:
It's important that to own a Premium Account on RapidShare or MegaUpload or NetLoad. is a file hosting site too, but if you have Premium Account on other file hosting site, you can remote upload daily up to 10GB of stuff.

Important Note:
Although you do not have any of Premiums if u register under my referal link you can give me links you want to remote up to 50 megaupload / 25 links daily via my MSN ID:

1st Step
What's Required ?!
Sign-Up for a Free Account.


2st Step
What's Next ?!
Remote Upload

As we said before we can remote upload from multiple services there will be explained best of them.

Remote Upload - Rapidshare - MANUAL

Now copy download links as show on screen

Navigate to your Hotfile/Uplaod page

Paste the download links into Remote Upload section in this form.

Remote Upload - Rapidshare - DLG

RapidShare Direct Link Generator

Copy-paste your RS downloading links, write RS-ID and RS-PASS and then "Get links"

You'll get the RapidShare Premium Links. Just copy - paste into your HotFile remote upload site and then it'll upload 'em.

Remote Upload - Megaupload - MANUAL

Same story as Rapidshare but this time copy - paste only one link into the browser and open same.
Then Just right click to Download Link (copy link location) as shown on screen.

Paste the download links into Remote Upload and press upload.

Remote Upload - Megaupload - YAWN - MM

Yawn Mirror Maker Version 1.07 - My favorite version.

Yawn Mirror Maker Version 1.12 - Latest but not best.

Copy whole group of Megaupload links and paste under "Yawn - Mirror Maker"

When program finish down will be listed Megauplod Premium Links witch you just need to copy to the Hotfile remote upload box.

Remote Upload -

First and important is to right setup your Premium Account
Download option:

Now same process as megaupload copy paste link into browser right click copy link location and paste into upload Hotfile upload box.


2st Step
What's Next ?!

Submitting Files - MANUAL

Post your links as much forums/site as you can. I only know a few forums, if you know others please share with us in comment.

Warez Forums
warezz-bb, dirtydingo, flaminbox, sharedbb, badboys-aftermath, warezfan, forumw, usawarez, Katz forum, nattawat, pirator, gu1337, triniwarez, warezraid,, virtualfreedom, unitedwarez, pirates-w, forbishare, litewarez, epirate, warezlobby, mechodownload, warezraid, warezvb

Porn Forums
Porn-bb, PornImage, PornShare, PornDrive, Porn-W, hornyBB


There is an easier way to share your topics with Extreme Warez Submitter witch is actually submitting to 50+ forums with just one click

Warez Forums


Porn Forums
As we all know porn is most downloaded stuff on the internet and that's reason why my own Porn Auto Submitter i don't give u that easy.
My Porn Auto Submitter post porn material automatically to 50 forums.
You can get this application only if u register under my referral link and when u passed 10$ earnings, you should contact me at

4th Step
What's Next ?!

Payment Proof
As we all know this tutorial is about earning money on internet so this tutorial wouldn't be complete without payment proof.

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